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The Talent Square Executive Search & Professional Coaching is a premium Executive boutique, proudly European Human Resources Consulting firm. The office is located in Athens with International Affiliate Partners located in Brussels, London, Paris, Rome, Sofia, Bucharest and Belgrade; allowing us to draw upon an International talent pool of Middle & Senior Executives for our clients.

The Talent Square provides a range of Talent Management & Human Capital Management Solutions. Our service offering Talent Management includes:

● Executive Search    ● Outplacement   ● Executive Coaching    ● Training Workshops

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As an Executive Search & Coaching firm, we pride ourselves on networking with a fresh, dynamic talent pool of senior executives and in particular with emerging talent. The Talent Square offers a unique service and approach to identifying, attracting and retaining top talent. We are a boutique firm that offers an unwavering commitment to client service and building long-term client relationships.

The Talent Square Team is composed of certified professionals combining extensive HR Consulting experience in international companies or markets and additional disciplines.

We offer our services in three different languages: Greek, English and French

Talent Management

At The Talent Square, we view talent management as a strategic approach to managing human capital throughout the career cycle: attracting, retaining, developing and transitioning your most important assets.

Building a Talent Management Program and a Talent pool has to start with bringing the right people into the company via a suitable sourcing strategy. This sourcing strategy needs to address the Talent profile for the people that the company is trying to attract and specific channels to bring these people into the organisation across a variety of levels.

There has to be a total commitment from within the organisation to attracting and retaining the best people in the market. The Talent Square recognizes that companies have a number of options available to them to source top talent however it has been recognised that companies that choose a primary sourcing strategy have been the most successful in implementing a Talent Management program in their organisation.

Talent Management in its broadest form can encompass all aspects of an individual’s time within an organisation, from the formation of a job description to performance appraisal and from training to succession. The Talent Square can design a program which will identify, monitor and attract the Top 10% of talent in your industry.

Contact us to discuss your Talent Management requirements, and let us customize a program for you.


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